Saturday, 23 January 2016

Everything to do with nightclubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and hen parties in Bath.

If you are a tourist visiting Bath in UK then your visit cannot be complete if you have not had a taste of the nightlife in this city. Bath is known for a large number of clubs and bars in the city centre. There is around 6 nightclubs in Bath and many cocktails bars scattered in this city with a tight and sweaty environment where you can drink and dance to some great music!

Bath is a city with an interesting nightlife due to its diverse range of nightclubs. There are several nightclubs where you can expect to get a great experience.

1. Zero Zero

This nightclub is open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday hosting both student events and events open for everyone! It has 2 great bars and 1 VIP bar. The dancefloor is small but it the music the DJ plays always gets the crowd going. Expect to hear a mixture of RnB, House and Dance music.

2. Moles

If you like your underground music, then this is the place to be. A great venue which has been around for longer than 30 years in the heart of Bath's nightlife. This nightclub hosts events for people who like deep house, hip hop, drum n bass and everything in between

3. Komedia

As well as hosting some of Bath's best nightclub events, they also hold comedy and theatre shows making this club very diverse. 

There a loads of cocktail bars in Bath, but our favourite has to be Vino Vino cocktail bar and wine lounge. Their menu has a vast range of cocktails to choose from which will always leave you wanting to go back for more!

The restaurants in Bath are also top notch, with restaurants all around Bath, both in the city centre and the suburbs. If you're looking for an Italian restaurant then we highly recommend Sotto Sotto which is situated on North Parade. It has gained high ratings and is widely known as one of Bath's best restaurants.

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