Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Best winter wear for kids.

Best winter wear for kids.We all know that buying clothing for kids is really expensive. Since your kids grow up so fast, every season requires a complete new wardrobe of clothes to keep the youngsters comfortable and safe. Winter is perhaps the most expensive time of year for mums and dads because it obviously takes more layers of clothing to keep warm. Children are far more vulnerable to the cold than adults are and need to be wrapped up properly.When dressing a child for winter it is much better to make sure every area of the child is protected by good quality clothing rather than spending a huge amount of money on one item and neglecting other areas.

The first essential buy is a quality pair of rain boots. It is important to pick boots carefully because choosing a bad pair can be an expensive mistake. Kids love playing in rain and snow so it is vital to choose a pair of water proofs that are soft and flexible enough to allow the child to move in comfort. A stiff pair of rubber boots can cause unpleasant chaffing on the ankles calves and knees or even lead to the child tripping or falling. It is much better to shop for a boot that is made from a softer more flexible material that can bend and move with the legs. Manufactures like Hunter ,Bogs and Joules use quality vulcanised rubber or some other rubber composite to allow unrestricted movement. Always check the seams around the sole of the boot to make sure they are of a high quality and not likely to split easily. It is also a good idea to look for rain boots with a fabric lining, not only does this make the boot more comfortable to wear but it also keeps the feet warmer while at the same time soaking up sweat. Since are many different designs of boots available there is sure to be a style that your child would be delighted to own. There is a whole collection of Marvel character boots available as well as a similar collection of Disney themed wellingtons. For older kids there are some more sophisticated styles that are more becoming of a young adult.

The next most important item of clothing for the winter is of course a great jacket. The best option is a practical waterproof jacket with extra warm lining, there are some super jackets available that are not as heavy as the traditional duffle coat but just as warm. Puffy jackets filled with high tech insulation are a great light weight solution, they look great and kid love them.

Active kids can lose a huge amount of heat through their heads so it is best to make sure they wear a good hat and scarf to minimize energy loss. There are many great options available, many of them are super cute as practical.


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