Sunday, 24 January 2016

Binyamin netanyahu writing a letter in Sefer Torah in memorial of killed Idf soldiers

Leader Binyamin Netanyahu a week ago took part in a service in which the last letters were composed in a Sefer Torah in memory of fallen IDF warriors. The occasion was in continuation of an inviting function for 73 Torah looks in memory of fallen IDF warriors that was held last August at the Kosel. The Sifrei Torah were sent to different urban areas around Israel. Delegates of Yad L'Banim and the Defense Ministry Unit for Commemorating Fallen Soldiers conveyed one of the Sifrei Torah to the Prime Minister with the goal that he could write the last letters.

​PM Netanyahu expressed, "I am satisfied to arrive with you. I am extremely moved. The culmination of this Torah scroll communicates the sacredness of life and the considerable agony that we feel over the loss of our children and little girls. In any case, this is the cost of our life and this is the colossal distinction ever. Before we built up the state, we were similar to a leaf passed up the wind. They unreservedly butchered us and killed us; today, we can strike at our adversaries and baffle their points of destruction. Unfortunately, this involves an overwhelming cost. You know this. You know this Miriam; I know it. Folks know. This is a horrendous cost however it is the cost of life. I surmise that just somebody in this group of the dispossessed comprehends the size of the torment additionally the quality of life."

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