Friday, 8 April 2016

Ballet Folklorico Resurreccion

Ballet Folklorico Resurreccion

Bienvenidos to Ballet Folklorico Resurreccion! We were established in 1961, making us one of the oldest Mexican folklorico dance groups in the Los Angeles area. We offer fun, energetic dance classes to students of all ages. We have been successfully teaching cultural Mexican dancing for decades, and elevating to something more than dance. Ballet Folklorico Resurreccion is a social, cultural, and dance experience for any age! Join us today for a class and see for yourself!

If you hate to exercise but love to dance or love music, here's your chance to be a part of something historic, cultural, and healthy! Our classes can provide an intense workout – better than most conventional exercises including Zumba – while learning about Mexican dances and Mexican folklore. We offer all levels of classes from beginner to advanced.

Our beginning-level dance lessons begin with the fundamentals of footwork (called zapateado) performed to traditional music. It's fun and upbeat! As you build up your skills, you will quickly progress through to the advanced levels of folklorico dances. Before you know it, you'll be ready for a performance! If you have ever witnessed one of our performances, you'll know just how great our dancers are and how beautiful the performances can be.

For children and youth, Ballet Folklorico Resurreccion is a great way to keep them physically active while participating in a cultural and fun experience. Not every child was meant to participate in organized sports. We offer a great alternative! Dance can help children mature on numerous levels and, besides exercise, provides children with a positive, musical experience. Ballet Folklorico is perfect for children and teens!

Children who participate in athletics or get regular exercise do better in school and sleep better. Some studies have even shown, they also do better in school. We offer a variety of classes suitable for children and teens. Please contact us for our most recent schedule and programs.

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