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Tips For Finding the Right Web Designer For You

Tips For Finding the Right Web Designer For You

How to Find The Right Web Designer


Whether you're starting your own business, or you've had one for a

few years, a website is an important aspect of your business. It's also

an important and scary step. Whether your business is well-established,

or you're looking to grow your business and get found, it can be an

overwhelming experience. You'll have a million questions, and that's

okay. The right web designer

will be glad to answer them and walk you through the process. Let's look

at how to find the right web designer to help you with your business


Bigger Isn't Always Better


Sure, you can hire a big web design firm, but you'll definitely pay

for it. You're not necessarily getting anything more from them than you

would from a lone designer or developer. You're likely paying for a lot

of overhead. Don't get me wrong, independent designers & consultants

have expenses, but they are usually proportional to the level of their

business. However, consultants aren't paying for multiple employees'

health insurance, salaries, vacations, sick days, etc. Also, large

design firms usually rent entire buildings. Someone has to pay to keep

the lights on. That someone is you.


The Right Web Designer Will Be There


You'll have a lot of questions. It's natural. A good web designer will be there to answer those questions and should have the patience to work with you step by step.

You should ask questions. If you understand the process, you'll also

understand what's expected of you. You'll be able to provide your web

designer with the things they'll need to complete the project. This may

be photos, product information, pricing tiers, and anything else

important for your business.


How to Find The Right Web Designer


So how do you find a web designer? Your first instinct may be to hop

onto Google and pick the 1st one you see. That's not a good idea. Just

like when you're shopping for a home or for appliances, you should shop

around. There are some designers that charge way more than they are

worth, while others offer a great deal. Some offer a deal, but sacrifice

features, options, or services. It's important to find a good balance

of everything.


Where to Look For a Web Designer


There are tons of services or Directories out there. You can find

designers at specific designer service websites, or you can sift through

the Google listings, but be selective. You'll want to read their bios

and look at their portfolios. You'll want to make sure that their style

matches the style of what you're looking for in your own business. For

example, if you're looking for a design that is retro in style, you

probably won't want to hire a designer that specializes in minimalism or



Look For Testimonials (Satisfied Clients)


Most designers will have proof of their work and their effectiveness.

You'll easily be able to find a section where past clients have given

them positive reviews. Here on G Squared Studios, I have full quotes

from happy clients, which shows how satisfied people are with my past

work. When a designer cares enough to make sure you're happy with their

work, you can be sure you won't get stuck with a half-done project

you're ashamed of.


Also, a designer who has several positive testimonials is usually

easy to work with. Think about it. Would you provide a positive review

to a designer who you hated working with? I doubt it.


Look For Reviews, Too


People can leave reviews elsewhere, besides the designer's website.

You can find reviews on their Google Business page. You might also find

reviews on Yahoo or Yelp, too. Before hiring a web designer, check out

these reviews. Take them with a grain of salt, though. It's possible to

leave a negative review without their knowledge. Without being aware,

someone could leave a false or fake review, too.


Meet in Person With Your Designer


You'll want to meet your new potential designer first before making

any decisions. Hiring the right designer means hiring someone who is

right for you. You have to mesh well with them personally, even though

your relationship will be business-only. You'll need to put your trust

into them and know that they'll deliver everything you need.


Some Money May Be Required Up Front


You may be required to put down a deposit on the project when they

get started. This is standard, and it protects the designer from doing

any work without getting paid. More people than you think will cut and

run or will change their mind, wasting their time. However, you should

never pay more than 50% of the total cost of the project up front. Most

of the time the down payment will be between 25-50%. If they try to get

more up front, that is a likely red flag.


The Right Web Designer is Out There


If you follow these simple tips, finding the right web designer won't

be such an arduous task. You'll get much better results, because you'll

be able to make great choices based on more than a hunch. Do you need a

web designer?


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