Saturday, 2 April 2016

A story: The best Orthodontist in Lewisville, Tx.

Throughout my 

entire life I have had problems with how my teeth look when I smile, or just 

plain open my mouth. That includes talking! 

Both of my parents were in the army as I grew up and we travelled from 

city to city, never really feeling like I had a home. Because of this I never really fit in 

anywhere and even when I tried to I felt awkward because my teeth were always 

such a deal for me. My parents finally decided to take me to the army orthodontist 

and that's where this story begins.

I was 12 years old and entering puberty and was starting to 

like boys. The body I was born into was 

the perfect definition of awkward and as I entered into middle school years it 

just got worse. My arms were long, legs 

long, no boobs.. red hair and freckles. Humph.   

After 5 years of emotional pain and my parents finally having saved up 

enough, we went to the Orthodontist at the Army and they strapped on 

braces. They were charcoal black and 

ugly as sin. I was willing to put up with it because I thought.. now I will be 

able to have friends.   To my greater 

demise, the brackets started to pop off, the wires broke and gauged my 

gums. I bled on a daily basis from my 

lips and gums.. and finally we went back to the army orthodontist and they took 

them off. I was crushed. No more braces 

or nothing never!   I was doomed to be 

awkward and ugly and reclusive for my entire life.

Three years later we moved to Lewisville, Tx. I had grown into my body and actually had 

some boys liking me. My arms and legs 

fit my body and I was now 15 years old with womanly parts. 5'7' tall and actually could play well with 

kids on the volleyball court!   Life was 

definitely looking up.   I heard about a 

guy named Dr. Krieger who everyone really enjoyed and had worked miracles on 

patients. He had been a cosmetic dentist 

BEFORE being an orthodontist so he knew how everything should fit 

together. I started to feel daring.

My parents had been saving up just in case I felt like I 

wanted to give it another shot. As luck 

had it, Dr. Krieger came by my school and gave a quick presentation during one 

of our forums about gum health and how it helps support tooth alignment. I was hooked. He was funny, and charming, 

with just a bit of quirk that made me think maybe he had been an awkward kid 


That day I ran home to tell my parents.   They looked him up and he had an awesome 

website built by We 

called and made an appointment. Low and 

behold, he had openings, we could finance the deal and he said my problems 

should be fixed in about 18 months! 18 months?!?! I bit the bullet.

Long story short, I'm now 18 years old, headed to Italy to 

walk the runway for Vogue. I feel great 

about my smile and have no problems breathing with my mouth open. Thanks Krieger Orthodontics!


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