Friday, 25 March 2016

Learn About Phalloplasty

Learn About PhalloplastyPhalloplasty is a kind of sex reassignment surgery where there is a transsexual from female to male. The surgeons in Phalloplasty have the ability to assemble a phallus achieving a fruitful before and after outcome. In other definition, this process involves genital assembling procedure that makes sensate male genitilia.This process have positively evolved and the patients are able to maintain their erotic sensations.

The rate at which phalloplasty is becoming successful has increased drastically over several years. You will be able to get a sensate phallus which maintains your erotic sensation. Though the surgery results differ by surgeon, the appearance of the new penis (neophallus ) looks amazingly realistic.

The female to male transsexuals has had the largest number of phalloplasty recipients. Even though it was at first made only for biological males, but now it’s different as patient who are interested in gender reassignments operation can easily get the services.

How it is done

The neophalus is normally constructed from skin graft of tissues taken from donor sites. The grafts may be taken from the abdomen, torso, arm or hip which qualify as a graft site because they are huge enough to offer a big amount of tissues that have a higher nerve endings density.

Results can vary by surgeons.

Phalloplasty may go together with other genital-surgical procedures. These may include urethoplasty, vaginectomy, and scrotoplasty. A patient may choose to have an erectile-prosthesis implanted after construction for FTMs of the phallus or the initial reconstruction. The erectile-prosthesis is meant to allow the recipient to gain an erection through their neophallus that may satisfy the patients’ desire to attain penetration of the sexual partner.

In addition, a patient may require undergoing electrolysis before the procedure to take out the hair from the graft area.

Pubic Phalloplasty

Pubic phalloplasty is way less common than radial artery phalloplasty as it doesn’t allow the patients to realize the same results for urinating while standing up. But, a major benefit of pubic phalloplasty is the fact that it allows for more flexibility in use and size of the phallus for proper penetration.

A downside of pubic phaloplasty is that it may result in an unusual thick phallus. Aside from that, pubic phaloplasty basically results in a phalus with less sensation than the fore arm flap phaloplasty. Due to complications that may follow with the extension of the urethra, there have been reports of difficulties in realizing successful results with extended urethra and the surgery may have to be performed to leave a hole on the lower side of the phalus for the patients to void through.


A glansoplasty is carried out following a groin flap or pedicel flap phalloplasty to contour with the penis’ head. It is meant to offer a more sensible look to the phallus head. The surgery is optional as it is just for aesthetic purposes. It’s rarely covered by insurance due to the fact that it is an aesthetic procedure.


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