Thursday, 17 March 2016

Buying Bradenton real estate was super this summer!

Buying Bradenton real estate was super this summer!I was pondering making the move south to the Gulf Coast of Florida area for quite some time. I had visited on holiday with some family and fell in love with the Parrish area. It was perfect for me, to be able to settle right in and relax. It wasn't so over developed that I would get lost in and yet just small enough where everything was a quick 5 minute drive away. And if I was craving some larger city lights, I could take the simple 45-minute drive north to Tampa. I connected with Forbes Property Group after doing some searching online and I found their website. It was so easy to navigate and I was able to contact them with just a few minutes. They answered my call that same hour and I told them what I was looking for and my exciting journey to Parrish began. They found the perfect home for sale in Parrish and not far from the stores I fell in love with on my vacation plus the beautiful beaches I couldn't wait to sun bathe on again. 

  The staff was super nice and helpful each step of the process. Mike was there night and day to answer all my questions andeven calm those first time home buyer nerves that seemed to sneak in once in a while. I thought it would be difficult with my family not already living in town to find homes and preview them for me. My agent proved to be a real estate expert! And would personally previewing the homes I was interested in and got back with me if they thought it was a fit for my needs. Sometimes I thought they were even more selective about the house than I was! He would remind me that this was a important purchase and he wanted to know I got my every dimes worth. 

  I am so glad to have discovered this agency. There is no doubt that if I was to ever sell my home in Bradenton, there is only one realtor I would contact.

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