Tuesday, 12 July 2016

lawyers specializing in dog bites

lawyers specializing in dog bitesPeople imagine when they bring a dog into their lives as a family pet and part of the family that one day, that pet could change on them or most detrimental, bite a neighbor or friend. And for most pet owners, this situation will never come to pass.


Unfortunately, when dog bites occur, it is often through no fault of the victim. Ken Carlson was walking in his Los Angeles neighborhood late one October afternoon when a pair of Rottweilers who'd gotten loose from their back yard attacked him in the street. He was helpless to stop them. Only the help of near by neighbors saved his life. But Ken was left with the aftermath of the attack: the scars, the emotional anguish and a new found terror of dogs. Dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles agree that these kinds of symptoms are similar to post-traumatic stress, for the suffering that follows such traumatic incidents is much more than physical.

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